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Dobrna Thermal Spa

Terme Dobrna 3204 Dobrna
++386 3 780 81 10
++386 3 780 81 11

Slovenia’s oldest thermal spa

Terme Dobrna is Slovenia’s oldest working health resort. The springs have been known since Roman
times and the first mention in written sources dates from 1403. The soon-to-be-renovated spa hotel – the Zdraviliški Dom – was built in 1624. It is famous for its marble baths, which have survived to the present day. The stories of its glorious past are peopled by characters such as the Empress Maria Theresa, Count Hoyosh, Napoleon’s brother and other notabilities.

An ideal natural point that focuses all energies
The park surrounding Terme Dobrna has been created in accordance with the ancient principles of the Chinese art of feng shui, which teaches how the suitable arrangement of a space can help restore the natural balance in the body. Connoisseurs say that the Terme Dobrna park is one of the most ideal natural points in the world! The spa has an ideal placement (the “Imperial Throne”) and an excellent combination of all five important elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water).

Fertile inspirations of a good life
Effective thermal water, a pleasant climate for bioclimate therapy and natural peloids are factors that help in the treatment of a variety of problems. Dorbna has been famous for centuries as a place that helps with gynaecological diseases and conditions. Special fertility programmes are available.


The right choice for those seeking special energy points
- a partner to women of all ages
- more than 600 years of wellbeing
- feel the energy of the park: according to feng shui masters it has an ideal placement, called the imperial throne.
Natural resources, symptoms and services :

Health care

Natural healing resources
- thermal water with source temperatures from 35° C to 36.5° C
- organic and inorganic peloids
- bioclimate therapy

Gynaecological illnesses, urological disorders (kidney and urinary tract diseases), rheumatic illnesses, injuries to locomotor organs, neurological problems, degenerative extra-articular rheumatism, microcirculatory disorders, injuries, stress, overweight and sport injuries

- outpatient services: medical examinations, basic laboratory, 24-hour health care, inhalations, ultrasound diagnostics
- physiotherapy: hydrokinesiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy
- occupational therapy
- traditional acupuncture and laser acupuncture
- massages
- wraps and baths
- fertility programmes
- preventive programmes
- gynaecological programmes (post-operative, endometriosis, gynaecological inflammations, menstrual cycle disturbances, post-cancer)
- acupuncture for pregnant women
- preventive programmes for executives
- incontinence


“hiša na travniku” massage and beauty centre
- soothing manual massage: chocolate, honey, Tibet, Thai, Mediterranean, Tui–na, nine types of ayurveda massage, massage for pregnant women, children’s massage, etc.
- facial lymphatic drainage
- Eve Taylor clinical aromatherapy
- hair care salon
- facial and body care
- pedicure and manicure
- non-surgical lifting: CACI, radio frequency
- oxygen capsule
- Slim-Up machine
- programmes for relaxation, slimming, body sculpting and cellulite removal

“land of saunas”
seven steam/Finnish saunas; Kneipp programmes (circuit, tubs, showers, cold-warm pools), ice room for cooling down, vitamin bar; large terrace, also suitable for nude sunbathing

rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases, neurotic disorders, injuries to the locomotor system, gynecological diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases 

Recreation and entertainment :

Recreation & entertainment

- indoor and outdoor thermal pools, whirlpool, children’s pool, terrace for sunbathing, terrace for naturists
- water aerobics and morning gymnastics under professional supervision
- various types of baths (romantic, fruit, pearl, blue, etc.)
- tennis court, volleyball court, trim trail, hiking, cycling, organised walks and excursions in the surrounding area

Excursion signposts : Ruins of Dobrna Castle or Kačjega Castle; Novi grad and Dobrnica Manor; Hudičev Graben and Paški Kozjak; tourist farms; Žiče Carthusian monastery; sightseeing in Celje; Velenje and its 13th-century castle. 

Payment options
American Express, Diners, traveller's checks, Maestro, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, Activa, Karanta 


- Hotel Vita****
- Villa Higiea****
- Hotel Park***

Other facilities

- dance evenings with live music
- cultural events, performances by folklore groups, concerts
- conferences (conference halls and meeting rooms)
- weddings in the summer café or the spa park pavilion and wedding receptions in the hall of the Zdraviliški Dom
- workshops and lectures

GPS Northing (N) : 46,3397 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,2242 
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Administrator : Skupnost slovenskih naravnih zdravilišč g.i.z. | ++386 3 544 21 11 |
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