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Wine Cellar P&F Jeruzalem Ormož

Kolodvorska 11 2270 Ormož
+386 (0)2 741 57 25
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sivi pinot, beli pinot, chardonnay, laški rizling, renski rizling, sauvignon, rumeni muškat, traminec, šipon 

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Open for guests : The Jeruzalem Ormož Wine Cellar was built in 1967 in line with the plans of the Slovene Prof. Miran Veselič. Before that time grapes were pressed and kept in more than 30 vineyard cottages in the surrounding winegrowing hills. The cellar has the shape of a cylinder and is dug into the first terrace of the river Drava. It can store 6.5 million litres of wine and is designed in such way to allow the wine in the maturing phase to fall freely, without any forced pumping. It has 7 levels.

170 steps lead from the top of the cellar to the lowest level which is 25 m deep. This method has been used for centuries, with the wine maturing and preserved under the earth at a constant and optimum temperature.
The wines of Jeruzalem Ormož are made exclusively from grapes grown in our vineyards and in those of the best winegrowers in the district. The production is based on nature-friendly technology – integrated winegrowing, and profound knowledge about individual winegrowing sites and vines. In the wine cellar our starting point is the awareness that wine is the product of natural processes, which we know in detail, and only control and direct when necessary. The fruit of the vine - the grape - brings into the cellar a lot of rich substances which we make every effort to preserve and to bottle with care. For this reason we are able to produce completely natural, original, fruity, fresh, full and harmonious wines.

The wines of Jeruzalem Ormož reflect the qualities of soil, climate, site, varieties, year, as well as winegrower's and cellarmaster's work. They are never completely the same, but for the same reason they are always genuine and unique. 
GPS Northing (N) : 46,4042 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,155 
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Administrator : Javna razvojna agencija občine Ormož - TIC Ormož | ++386 2 741 53 56 |
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