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Tourist - Vinecultural farm Hlebec

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Address: Kog 108 2276 Kog
Phone: ++386 2 713 70 60, ++386 31 867 464
Three generations of Hlebec family have contributed to the experience of wine growing and the production of delicious wines we can enjoy today. Imbued by nobleness, tradition and love towards vine, the family legacy of chosen wines quality is passed from one generation to another. In Kog, on the outskirts of the beautiful Ljutomer-Ormož hills, where the heavy clayey soil gives birth to delicious grapes, the Hlebec family possesses over 35.000 noble vines of the chardonnay, sauvignon, rhein and lasko riesling, muskat otonel and traditional sipon sorts. The sommelier duo of Milan Hlebec sr. and Milan Hlebec jr. invites you to a tasting journey through a world of delicious quality wines in their magnificent wine cellar. There, wine is produced using modern technology and ripened in the oak or barrique barrels or archive bottles.  
GPS Northing (N) : 46,4594 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,2435 
Administrator : Javna razvojna agencija občine Ormož - TIC Ormož | ++386 2 741 53 56 | | last modified: 06/02/2013
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GPS N: 46,4594
E: 16,2435
Place: Kog

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