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Path to Rahtelov vrh

Slovenj Gradec, 2380 Slovenj Gradec
The central theme of the Rahtelov vrh Forest Educational Path (Gozdno-una pot Rahtelov vrh) is "THE FOREST OF MY TOWN". The path originated with the cooperation of the Forestry Administration Slovenj Gradec, Vocational Timber and Catering School Slovenj Gradec, Local Infrastructure Division Slovenj Gradec and Rahtel Tourist Centre. It is 4 km long. Along the way, visitors can combine learning with having fun and on their walk through the forest they can get to know specific attractions as for example the viewing points and several kinds of trees. The Path to Rahtelov vrh starts at the parking place at the Fecro industrial zone, in the immediate vicinity of Gostilna Murko.

The line of the path crosses the abandoned railway track and leads through the forests east and northeast of Gmajna. Along the path it is possible to look at the varied animal world. From the top there is a beautiful view over the town and the whole upper part of Mislinja Valley with its surrounding hills. The purpose of the entire path is to get to know the forest and it is, therefore, convenient for all age groups.

Difficultyundemanding walk, easy tour

Altitude difference : 250 m

Range of hiking availablefamily excursions, walks



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