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Trail to Boč

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At the start of our hike, a signpost indicates Detičkova pot, also designated Forest Nature Trail No 1, which will be our path on the way up, and the path over Baba ("čez Babo"), which we will take on our way down. Boč, or the Triglav of Slovenian Styria as the locals call it, is in fact the best-known peak of the southernmost extension of the Karavanke, before the mountains give way, via Donačka Gora and Macelj, to the Pannonian Plain. Boč has two peaks of roughly the same height that are just five minutes' walk apart. One peak is topped by transmitters and the other, which is accessible to visitors, by a 20-metre observation tower offering a fine view over the greater part of eastern Slovenia. Boč is covered by thick forest and other vegetation and the area is protected as a natural park. The extremely rare greater pasque flower (Pulsatilla grandis) can be found growing near the mountain hut. 

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