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Educational trail of a poet Simon Gregorčič

The poet and prophete Simon Gregorčič is still present in the hearts of the people of Primorska region where everybody knows his poems. He was worshipped during his lifetime and people expressed their affection by attending his mass, in public reading rooms and at last by attending so massively his funeral procession from Gorizia to the church at Sv. Lovrenc.

The magnificent statue in Kobarid square is the greatest among the numerous memorials in his honour. The image of the poet will also be encountered on the educational trail.

The educational trail starts at the subsidiary school in the village of Smast and follows the European walking route E7 towards the poet's birth village Vrsno. Along the way there are a number of chapels built by the locals, the soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian army, who were grateful for having returned home from war. At the road, on the edge of now overgrown pastures, we can notice a few hay barns built by the locals using the remains from the World War I.

On the way to Vrsno we pass at village Libusnje church of the Holy Spirit from the year 1571. A poet Simon Gregorčič received holy sacraments here and celebrated his first Mass.

We arrive in Vrsno where birthplace of the poet Simon Gregorčič is. After visiting the poet's farmhouse, the trail takes us to Knik from where we get a beautiful view of Gregorčič waterfall, the slopes of Mt Krn and Mrzli Vrh.

After a short descent and crossing a few streams, the path crosses the woods called Kamnje. According to the legend, in the past a huge landslide from Kurnik filled the valley and the water washed away a small village.

The cemetery of Sv. Lovrenc: a poet Simon Gregorčič is buried here. After visiting his grave, the path leads by the meadows and fields back to the starting point in the village of Smast.
Visiting the Gregorčič educaional trail you can:

1. Hike along the round trail from Smast to Vrsno, down to the hill of Sv. Lovrenc and back to Smast. It is 11 km long and lasts approximately 3 hours.

2. The shorter trail leading from Vrsno to Sv. Lovrenc and to Smast is approximately 8 km long and takes 2 hours’ walk.

3. Both options include the museum tour which lasts half an hour.

Simon Gregorčič educational trail is suitable for hikers of all ages, fans of untouched nature, and of course those who want to know more about the birthplace of Simon Gregorčič.

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