Snovalec – the incentive for realising the promising tourist ideas

The development of innovative tourism in Slovenia has been supported with the Snovalec award since 2009. Every year, several promising tourist ideas are awarded. Some of them already await you!

Since 2009, the realisation of the most promising tourist ideas has been made possible by presenting the Snovalec award, a financial and promotional award at a national level. The purpose of the award is to stimulate creativity, innovation and inventiveness of tourism providers in designing tourist products. With our help, the tourist product Nature Photo Tours has been realised, in the Dolenjska region you can spend a night in the apartment on the water, you could have read about Slovenia in national media of many countries whose journalists visited us at the Academy for Young Travel Journalists, and you are able to spend a night in the small houses of Slovenian Istria in Truške, on a kozolec (hayrack) in Luče, or in the ecological village of kožarica living units in Bled.

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