Fairs and Exhibitions Department

The fairs and exhibitions department works primarily to ensure the promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination within the framework of tourist fair and exchange appearances in Europe and selected markets further afield. It appears at fairs and exchanges in cooperation with Slovenia’s commercial tourism sector and representatives of various tourist associations and local organisations.

At fairs it attempts to bring Slovenia closer to potential tourists through all the senses, specifically:
- sight: through a new type of stand made of natural and environment-friendly materials, furnished with attractive images of Slovenia designed to stimulate powerful associations among visitors; through presentations of typical Slovenian customs, traditions and landscapes, presented at the stand as an animation by individual partners of Slovenian commercial tourism interests;
- taste and aroma: through culinary delights in tasting Slovenian food and wine from various regions of the country, all prepared by trained and experienced catering staff organised by Slovenian Tourist Board or partners of Slovenia’s commercial tourism sector (animation);
- hearing: through traditional Slovenian music performed by various Slovenian musicians;
- touch: through promotional eco-gifts (products made of old promotional materials);

The fairs and exhibitions department is also responsible for the annual training of information and catering staff who work under the auspices of STB to ensure the smooth flow of fair and exhibitions.

We invite you to take a closer look at what we do: 
- Fairs 

For more information, please write to: 

Metka Pirc 
  Head Of Fairs And Exhibitions
  phone: +386 1 589 85 36

- Tanja Mlakar 
  Event Manager
  phone: +386 1 589 85 41

- Špela Ivančič
  Key Event Manager
  tel. št.: 01 589 85 37

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