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Parish church of St. Martin, Laško

Aškerčev trg 3270 Laško
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Let a visitor be invited into the church for the second time, the church arising from the Romanesque. All nine altars are of the baroque style and also tipical for later periods of time and more than 40 pieces of the saints' images are possible to be admired in the church as well. The frescoes in both baroque domes are Vogel's masterpieces of art. Until the 19th century, the church was walled as well as the cemetary around it. The gothic supporting pillar outside the presbytery also dates back to that very period and the eternal light used to burn in it once. The church is a part of the Transromanica international project.

The oldest historical and cultural monuments in town of Laško are dating back to the beginning of the 2nd millenium. St.Martin's parish church is one of them, the former archparochial church is today comprised from the communities of it's local municipality and some areas outside of it. The church is basically Roman, but is, in addition to the characteristic Roman architecture, denoted also by gothic, baroque and modern styles. The overall look of the buildings and also the interior are intertwined with various artistic stylings and resemble the numerous integrations of different elements through several reconstructions in the past centuries.

The main nave with it's massive tower stams from the pre-Roman era. During the Gothic times, it received two lower and shorter naves, and in the Baroque era each side of the presbytery received two subsidiary chapels with dome on top. All altars in the church are from the Baroque era and the main high altar is devoted to Saint Martin. The church obtained its current appearance through the last interventions in 1935. Until the start of the 19th century it was surrounded by a mid-high brick wall for protection purposes, which also held a large cemetary. The position of the church dominates Aškerčev trg, the main town square, its massive romanesque setting supplemented by equaly impressive four-trackt vicarage, whose rich history also witnessed various time periods and styles, for one thing an interesting double entrance can be observed, where the gothic stone door is positioned next to the roman one. Nearby stands also the curacy, a fairly small house, so to say, but the house of wisdom nevertheless, while in its time, starting with 1774,  it involved the first trivial church school in Laško with educational programmes run by organists and vicars. The square opposite the church is decorated by a votive statue dedicated to Virgin Mary, originally situated at the foothills of subsidiary church in Marija Gradec  and later in 18th century shifted to its current place.

The church of St.Martin was built sometime in the 13th century and is in present time standing in fact on the remains of the former missionary station established here by the Patriarchy of Trieste in the 8th century. None of the church buildings bare any documentary proof of the years of construction. Indirectly 1269 is the year mentioned as the church being completed, but it has been assumed the church is much older. Until the year 1938 a charnel house of St.John the Baptist stood on the south part, between the churc and the presbytery. At the main entrance there is an assumed Roman plastic of a carved stone lion built in in a specially adopted mussel-like wall niche. The original image of this sculpture represents a surface of the upper-part of a large ancient roman tombstone. As for the interior: all the altars in the church come from the baroque era and are of typical late baroque style, there are nine of them. In total there are also more than forty works of art depicting the images of saints, including two large frescoes by Vogel in either of the domes. Various statues remain from the wood-carving workshops held in the vicinity of Laško in the medaeval times by master craftsmen of Italian origin.

In the past decade the church of St.Martin has been the subject of renewed research and examination. These works were done systematically and to the highest possible level of expertise. This long term project was entrusted to the accordant institution and was executed by people with utmost credibility and expirience. The past year works were completed and the findings along with new resipiscence are of the highest historical value, not to mention the importance for our town. 

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