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Ema's Route of Pilgrimage

Ema's Route of Pilgrimage connects the places that are directly or indirectly connected with the life of St. Ema (before 995 - around 1045) and where the worship of St. Ema has been preserved since the Middle Ages up to the' present day. St. Ema is known as Ema of Pilštanj, Ema of Gurk, Duchess Ema, Ema of Friesach-Zeltschach, Countess Ema and Hemma in German speaking countries. The route in Slovenia leads through Carinthia, Styria, Lower Carniola and Upper Styria and is connected with the route in Austria (Hemma-Pilgerweg). Carinthia is the starting point of the Slovenian part of Ema's route of pilgrimage. The route leads through the border crossing at Reht, through Mežica to Štenge, past the St. Helena Church, down to Črna na Koroškem and continues to Javorje, past the St. Jošt Church and St. Magdalena Church to Sleme where it is joined by the Styrian part. Ema's route of pilgrimage in Styria comprises Pilštanj - St. Ema's supposed birth place, two churches dedicated to St. Ema, the Olimje monastery, the Podsreda castle and the Rajhenburg castle, estates in Krško and the cathedral in Maribor with the statue of St. Ema. The stations on Ema's route of pilgrimage in Lower Carniola are Mokronog, the Church of St. Rupert in Šentrupert, the ŠkrIjevo castle, the Mirna castle, Trebnje, the Šumberk castle and the Stična monastery. In Upper Carniola the centre of the pilgrimage to Gurk was the region of Škofja Loka, Poljanska and Selška Valley, Kranj and Bohinj. The entire route in Slovenia is around 700 km long and is planned as a footpath. The path leads through established routes (tracks, forest roads, trails, side roads) and does not involve new intervention in the environment. In Slovenia, it is currently marked only the part of Ema's route of pilgrimage, about 120 km from Sv. Ema at Podčetrtek to Šentrupert in Lower Carniola. It is planned that the remaining part of the route in Slovenia (app 600 km) will be marked by the end of the year 2013. There are 41 checkpoints along the Pilgrimage Route, from which a stamp of the route is available.  

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