Rare and autochthonous wine varieties

In Slovenia, several autochthonous vine types have developed throughout the years, from which high quality wines are produced. In recent years, wine-makers from the Vipava Valley, especially, where autochthonous varieties are most prevalent, have been striving to expand the recognisability and production of such wine varieties. Besides zelen, pinela, klarnica and pikolit, the wine-growing region of Primorska also cultivates vitovska grganja and glera, from which white wines are produced. Some autochthonous or rare white varieties of wines, such as rumeni plavec, ranfol and kraljevina can also be found in the wine-growing regions of Posavje and Podravje. A very rare red wine variety is a unique feature of the latter– žametovka or žametna črnina. The oldest vine in the world, growing in Maribor for over 400 years, also belongs to this variety.

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