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10 December 2009
The Slovenian Tourist Board is publishing even more environment-friendly publications! The Tourist Map of Slovenia, in a scale of 1:450 000 and with updated content and design, has been published in a total print run of 200,000 copies in English, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Croatian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Finnish, Chinese and Czech.

The concept is based on five steps: FEEL SLOVENIA (the essential qualities of Slovenia), VISIT SLOVENIA (information on transport options to Slovenia), EXPERIENCE SLOVENIA (products: culture, nature, sports, health resorts, gastronomy, conference tourism, gaming), STAY IN SLOVENIA (information on accommodation) and REMEMBER SLOVENIA (contact data and websites, including the FB social network).

The content is enhanced with green facts about Slovenia and green tips that encourage sustainable tourism and common efforts to preserve green Slovenia. The tourist map is printed on paper from sustainably managed forests, and in this way the Slovenian Tourist Board is continuing to fulfil its goals as part of the SLOVENIA GREEN project.


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