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Slovenian wine roads

22 June 2010
The catalogue is published in an edition of 40,000 copies (20,000 in German and 20,000 in English). The project was a collaboration between the Slovenian Tourist Board and marketing and advertising company Preobrat. The catalogue covers all three of Slovenia's wine regions (Podravje, Posavje, Primorska) and their wine districts and offers a comprehensive overview of Slovenian winemaking. It presents the three wine regions and a total of 14 wine districts, along with their products, in a systematic manner. It contains technical details and information and is full of useful hints for visitors to individual wine districts. As well as connecting the products of Slovenia's winemakers to gastronomic specialities, it contains information on accommodation, local sights of interest, events and festivals, protected products etc. The aim of the publication is to promote Slovenian wines and everything connected with them on the basis of the fact that the finest wines come from Slovenia's wine regions. 
The publication includes contributions from the ethnologist Dr Janez Bogataj and the sommelier and wine expert Jože Rozman. The introduction is by well-known Austrian journalist and wine connoisseur Peter Lexe.

Discover experience and taste Slovenia's wine regions with all their unique and interesting features. The catalogue will introduce you to:
• Winegrowers and winemakers
• Overnight accommodation
• Gastronomic specialities
• Events connected to wine
• Selected restaurants
• Protected products
• Tourist information centres

The catalogue is also available online on the Slovenian Tourist Board website:



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