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Slovenian Natural Health Resorts and Spas

19 December 2011
The Slovenian Tourist Board, in cooperation with the Natural Health Resorts Association of Slovenia, reproduced the catalogue: Slovenian Natural Health Resorts and Spas in an A4 format in 50,000 copies; 17,500 of them were in German, 17,500 in Italian, 5,000 in Croatian, 5,000 in Russian and 5,000 in English.

The catalogue includes information about 15 Slovenian health resorts and features general descriptions, information on accommodation, medical services and wellness services, opportunities for recreational activities and entertainment and additional offers. Those who like new discoveries can also find information on surrounding attractions.

The catalogue includes a transparent table with data on indications and natural therapeutic effects.

The publication is available in electronic form on the internet portal of the STO as well as on the internet portal SSNZ.


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