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Slovenia General Catalogue

3 March 2010
This publication is designed as a marketing tool for the overall presentation and promotion of Slovenia’s tourist services and facilities. The chapters are based around promising tourist products stemming from the Slovenian Tourism Marketing Strategy 2007-2011, setting out all the key destinations and specific products. Creating the catalogue image involved the cooperation of experts in individual fields as well as product managers, since the catalogue aims to provide credible and updated information in a user-friendly way.

The chapters present the following topics: cities and culture, the natural environment, sustainable tourism and village tourism, active holidays and rest, health and wellbeing, gastronomy, business tourism, entertainment tourism and services for two target groups – prestige tourism and young people. The catalogue places great emphasis on the internet as an extremely important distribution channel for marketing tourist services.

One of the key points of emphasis in this publication is sustainable tourism and an environment-friendly approach, something pointed out in the text by the “SLOVENIA GREEN” sign and facts.
The catalogue is printed on paper from sustainably managed forests, and in this way the Slovenian Tourist Board is continuing to fulfil its goals as part of the project to preserve green Slovenia.
The publication also includes a flap with a postcard that the user can tear off and use. It is published in a total print run of 150,000 copies in nine languages: English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and Slovenian. Together with the entirely updated Tourist Map of Slovenia, issued in November 2009, it represents a source of pooled information about Slovenia, providing a proper first impression of the country and pointing the way to individual product catalogues and websites.


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