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I feel Proud

19 December 2011
The leaflet was published in 2011 upon the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence (1991-2011) as an invitation for all Slovenians living abroad and their friends, acquaintances and relatives to visit Slovenia. Slovenia, as an extremely small country, offers a remarkable amount, which is something to be proud of. Such is also the title of the leaflet – I FEEL PROUD. The leaflet presents basic information about Slovenia, information on accessibility, a touch of history and facts based on which Slovenia is worth visiting.

A total of 60,000 copies of the leaflet were printed, 20,000 of which in English, 10,000 in German, 10,000 in Italian, 10,000 in Russian and another 10,000 in Spanish.

The publication is available in electronic form at the STB web portal:čilo-publikacij.htm?_ctg_publication_ordering=0&lng=1


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