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Cycling information map of Slovenia

15 February 2011
GIZ POHODNIŠTVO IN KOLESARJENJE (hiking and cycling commercial interest association) in cooperation with the SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD has published a cycling information map of Slovenia. At presentations of Slovenia abroad there is great demand for cycling maps and for general cycling information about Slovenia, so we devised the cycling information map of Slovenia, in the established road map scale of 1:270,000. The map aims to offer cycling tourists a comprehensive overview and basic information on what Slovenia has to offer cyclists, and to steer them to local information centres, where they can get detailed information and proper cycling maps.
The cycling routes shown on the map (and marked in their physical location) should provide tourists with a sufficiently clear picture of which areas of Slovenia offer the kind of infrastructure suited for cycling. The map also shows cycling routes suggested for the best tours around or through Slovenia. Along with other tourist infrastructure, the map highlights all the specialised cycling hotels and cycling campsites, cycling information centres and bicycle service centres (with a sign). The back page shows all the specialised hotels that are members of GIZ POHODNIŠTVO IN KOLESARJENJE and 17 cycling destinations. The cycling map has been published in 50,000 copies in Slovenian, English, German and Italian.


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