Tourism Confidence Index survey 2011-1

17 March 2011
In 2011 tourism managers expect better business results
Slovenian tourism managers predict that tourism sector will regain positive growth in 2011. Tourism Confidence Index (TCI) for 2011 is above 100 for the first time since the beginning of the economic crisis (TCI prospects 104). However, there is no reason for excessive optimism. European managers are in fact much more optimistic and expect a higher growth (TCI prospects 132). In comparison with 2009, the number of international tourist arrivals in Slovenia grew by two percent (Sors, 2011), while Europe recorded a 3.4-percent growth (UNWTO, 2011). One percent decline of tourist nights at the expense of declining domestic tourist nights was recorded in Slovenia (Sors, 2011). International tourist nights increased by one percent, a slight growth of foreign exchange earnings from tourism is also expected (BS, 2011). The question is, why revival of tourism confidence and business is so slow in Slovenia. This report identifies the factors and opportunities and threats of development of Slovenian tourism. It seeks to answer which factors influence in positive and which in negative direction and what their potential is.
Tenth report on ITEF’s Tourism Confidence Index (TCI) for Slovenia consists of two parts, first results on a yearly basis are shown (2009 and 2010), and then results for the previous (Sept.–Dec.) and forthcoming (Jan.–Apr.) four-month period are presented.

About TCI for Slovenia and Unwto TCI
The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Tourism Confidence Index survey has been conducted since 2003 in order to keep track of the tourism sector's actual performance and perceived short-term prospects at the global and regional levels. In 2007, Institute for Tourism of the Faculty of Economics (ITEF) of the University of Ljubljana in cooperation with Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) applied the same methodology to calculate the Tourism Confidence Index for Slovenia. Tenth round of the survey encompassed 167 Slovenian experts from tourism sector.


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