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Fabiani path from Štanjel to Kobdilj

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Fabiani path

Max Fabiani represents one of the most important personalities of the Karst – especially as an architect, town planner, inventor, professor, painter and philosopher (writwr). He was born in Kobdilj in 1865, where there is still the house of his birth. He was the mayor of the community of Štanjel, which existed in those days. As the architect he didn't only work in the Karst and Trieste, but also in Gorizia, Ljubljana, Rome, Palermo, Bielsko (Poland), Konopište (Czech republic) and most of all, he worked intensivly in Vienna.

Having been born in a region where the Italian, German and Slovenian world used to come together and also becaouse of his mixed origin and active knowledge of all the three languages, he managed to connect the best values of all three worlds in spite of the rough (political) times (fascism, WWI, WWII). He was the prototype of the modern European. As such, he has always been appriciated by all three nations and each of them has considered him as one of their own.

These are the reasons why the Community of Komen supported by the village communities of Kobdilj and Štanjel and the Max Fabiani Foundation decided to arrange a round path, thus connecting the locations and buildings, connected with Max Fabiani's life, this way bringing his life and work closer to many visitors. With the financial help from the European program PHARE – PROGRAM OF CROSS BORDER COOPERATION SLOVENIA-ITALY – SMALL PROJECTS FUND, the Fabiani path could be officially opened in April 2001.

The Fabiani path consists of several pathways, connected to each other. A visitor can  choose the part he wants to visit according to the time available. A part of the round path, like the round panoramic path and the FERRARI Garden can be seen in as little as 30 minutes. Seeing the path from Ferrari Garden to upper Kobdilj  takes at least one hour and if we want to take a walk to lower Kobdilj or along the dry karst valley where the old soldiers'cemetery is situated, it takes at least an hour and a half. Of cours we will be only be able to enjoy the beauty of the cultural and natural sights, connected with the Fabiani path, if we take our time to see it. And then we may find it easier to understand why Fabiabi, after living and beeing succesful abroad for years decided to return to his Karst to Štanjel and Kobdilj.

The mayor Fabiani enjoyed his morning walks: every morning from 1935 to 1944 he walked  from Kobdilj-from Villa Max to the castle office in Štanjel. In the afternoon he walked back home. This is what he wrote:

As born anew I am coming back from my daily walk

to work which tires with its sour fruit.

So flies my thought to my grandfather,

who planted forests

to my mother's virtues

and my father's programmes;

and persistence becomes a greater pleasure

than other deceotions and empty delusions. 

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