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Polhograjska Grmada

Polhov Gradec
As seen from the lowland around Dobrova, Grmada (899 m) is a rolling ridgeline in the heart of the Polhov Gradec Hills. The contours of the hill, says folk tradition dating from the time of Illyrian Provinces, bear an uncanny resemblance to French King Louis XIV's nose. Today it is known for its diverse plant life and rolling terrain, which gives the hill its alpine look. It attracts many visitors thanks to relatively easy access to the steep alpine world so close to Ljubljana and moderate altitude. During the traditional January night hike, which is held on the Friday closest to the full moon, it becomes a famous one-night hiking nexus of Central Slovenia.

he hilltop can be reached from different locations in the Polhov Gradec valley, as there are numerous waymarked paths. One of the paths leads from the village of Belica into the Belica gorge. Continue from Dvor across Kucelj, after a few clearings the path meets another trail running from Polhov Gradec past Pratkar, which is a perfect opportunity to visit Polhov Gradec, and a very popular one too. It starts at Pratkar, continues along the edge of the forest, past the newly built centre of the Blagayana Mountain Club, to village Ravnek, then turns right, passes a quarry and leads on to a fork in the saddle. Only a short distance ahead is the Hunters' Cabin, and another junction. The uphill trail along the ridge of Grmada is quite steep and rocky in places; the right one is gentler and less demanding. The top of Grmada affords scenic views of Central Slovenia, as far out as the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Ljubljana, Notranjska region with mountains Snežnik and Nanos. Many hikers descend Grmada down the Maček Ridge, a picturesque valley with a cascading stream.

And there are inns along the way too. If returning towards Medvode, you can take an invigorating break at the tourist farm in Gonte; or, if you are headed to Polhov Gradec, visit the Pri Mehačku tourist farm on the opposite side, right at the foot of Grmada, in small Setnica, near the church of St Ursula. For a meal or drink in Polhov Gradec, visit Pograjski dom, on the way to Črni Vrh, or Gostilna Pratkar, with centuries of tradition. Polhov Gradec is the best place to park your car.

Duration of tour : 1.5 to 2 hours 

easy tour 

in low mountains 

Altitude difference : 510 m

Range of hiking available
family excursions, group tours, winter hiking 

Polhograjska graščina 
Polhov Gradec 61 
Polhov Gradec 
Tel. : ++ 386 1 3640 083 
E-mail :  
Web site : 

Planinsko društvo Blagajana 
E-mail :  
GPS Northing (N) : 46,0838 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,3329 
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Administrator : Občina Dobrova - Polhov Gradec | ++386 1 360 18 00 |
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