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Are you still wondering about coming over to Slovenia’s natural health resorts in search of wellbeing and health? Well here are five simple reasons that will convince you. At the health resorts, in a unique way the thermal waters and beneficial climate bring together all the diversity of Europe. The health resort staff know how to spoil the modern seeker of health and wellbeing. The effects of the good water have been known for thousands of years. Each individual health resort will surprise you with its story, and there is a diverse range to choose from. The health resorts are close and you can afford them.

1. Nature and the tradition of tourism

- 87 natural thermal springs,
- beneficial effects of the sea and mountain climate with aerosols,
- salt water and saltpan mud,
- therapeutic peloids and peat,
- exceptional mineral drinking water.
All this wealth of natural features in Slovenia is bound up in the rich tradition of health resort tourism. Let yourself be surprised at the cosmopolitan nature of the services, based on observing the centuries of experience in using thermal springs. Nature has facilitated a special culture of caring for our wellbeing. At one time kings and nobles swore by it, and now you are the king!

2. Integrated view of health: preventive, alternative, curative

The integrated treatment programmes at Slovenia’s health resorts combine ancient skills in achieving wellbeing from all over the world and the latest achievements of medical science. Alongside state-of-the-art medical services, the health resorts offer innovative forms of preventive and alternative programmes, both for health and beauty, self-confidence, relaxation and experiences that fill the spirit.
Programmes include proven, effective natural factors and activities adapted to the individual, as well as culinary experiences for various tastes and demands.

3. Activities and relaxation: Recreation and regeneration

- outdoor and indoor pools,
- sauna and fitness centres,
- sports halls, gyms and stadiums,
- courts for tennis, volleyball, basketball and football,
- cycling and hiking,
- golf and horseriding,
- hunting and fishing.

At the health resorts you can also replenish your energy with:

- yoga,
- tai chi,
- kinesis and other relaxation techniques,
- the experienced hands of massage therapists,
- simply resting in a pleasant environment.

4. Individualism, new ties, something for everyone

The individualised treatment of your needs and wishes ensures that every day is unforgettable. You can devote yourself to your own body and feelings through anti-stress, weight-loss, beauty and care, rejuvenation, relaxation or other programmes.
If you come with a group or your family, each person can find the enjoyment to suit them, and there is also plenty of scope for group experiences. You can depend on tried and tested children’s animations, evening socialising and entertainment, organised informal tours in the area and family or group programmes prepared just for you.

5. Lots of scope for exploring locally

Slovenian health resorts are great starting points for getting to know Slovenia’s special features. These range from wine roads and thematic routes to hiking and cycling trails and natural and cultural sites. On top of this are the great food and entertainments – each thermal spa destination in Slovenia has its own special features!
You can enjoy the different culinary regions of Slovenia, and taste outstanding Slovenian wines. Come and explore Slovenia’s castles, churches and museums, sample traditional village life and the lively pulse of city centres, or let yourself be carried above the clouds by light aircraft or balloon. Give yourself up to the hospitality of Slovenia – wherever you are.

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