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Semič Sparkling Wine

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In the Simonič family wine growing has been a tradition for several generations. At the end of the 20th century, in the late nineties, Mr. Ivan Simonič decided to concentrate on the production of sparkling wines and has become a leading producer of sparkling wines in Bela Krajina. In the year 2000 Semič semi-dry sparkling wines were unveiled. In that same year the wines were awarded with the gold medal at the fair in Gornja Radgona with a score of 18.53 points and were ranked second among all sparkling wines. That was sufficient encouragement for further development at the winery, which now also produces Semič Dry sparkling wine and Modra Frankinja. In 2004 Semič produced a Gold sparkling wine, to which leaves of 23 carat gold were added, and in 2005 they produced an amber sparkling wine with a specific taste, unique in Slovenia.
Every year their sparkling wines receive gold or silver awards at the Agricultural fair in Gornja Radgonia as confirmation of consistent quality.

Vineyards of the Simonič family are located in the Bela Krajina wine growing district, in Semič, in the areas of Črešnjevec and Semiška gora. These are especially sunny positions, which together with the quality of the soil, enables the production of grapes of a quality suited for sparkling wines. The vineyards are planted with various sorts of grapes such as Chardonnay, Kerner, Laški Rizling, Sauvignon and Modra Frankinja. All of the sparkling wines are produced exclusively by the classical champagne method with the second fermentation taking place in the bottle.

Additional description : In Slovenia we us a beautiful word: penina (sparkling wine) for Champagne. The French have protected the name Champagne, which originates from the name of the Champagne region of France, the cradle of Champagne wines, where Dom Pierre Perignon, a monastery cellarman and monk, managed to produce the first Champagne in the 17th century.

We find sparkling wine mentioned as early as 1853 in Bleiweis's News where it was written: "Champagne or sparkling wine is most popular and dear to the present day nobility. There is no real party or ceremony where sparkling wine does not sparkle."

Actually, sparkling wine was the drink of kings, nobility, rich merchants and landlords. At all European courts it was seen as a status symbol and necessary companion to glamour. However, sparkling wine was also called king's wine because of the imperfect technology at the time, causing a considerable breakage of bottles and therefore only small quantity of wine to be produced.

Today's sparkling wines are affordable for everyone and are the wines of all those who have a joyous spirit and a sense for such wines' sparkling beauty. Therefore sparkling wines are drunk at all opportunities, also as an aperitif and mainly dry. They are also an appropriate accompaniment to sweets during an afternoon chat at a café, or at a garden party, and it is becoming more and more popular as the wine to accompany all dishes of a concluded culinary unit, such as lunch or dinner. Its special place is certainly at celebratory occasions when we want to stress the importance of the moment among family and friends or in the public arena.

Sparkling wine should be served cooled, that is, at a temperature from 6 to 8° C. As a rule we use high and narrow stemmed glasses with thin walls, so that bubbles are as fine as possible and travel to the top for as long as possible.
GPS Northing (N) : 45,6537 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,2307 

Črešnjevec pri Semiču

Place: Črešnjevec pri Semiču
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