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Lakes in Šalek Valley

The Lake as a result of the excavation of the šalek lignite in the šaleška dolina Valley are taking advantage of a hundred and thirty years. Premogovniške in the middle of the bottom of sinkholes in the Šaleška dolina Valley, kotlinskega which was previously largely in agricultural use, in part, of course, also inhabited. There, where they are today, it was more rural settlements, which are partially or completely disappeared (Škale, Družmirje, Preloge). The image of the Valley due to the coal industry is still changing, so too are changing, the Šalek Lake. So it is very important that the information on the Lakes (the size, depth, quality) are also the year to which they relate (see table 1). The volume of the ugrezninske basin in 2005, in excess of 120 million cubic metres and occupies more than 6 km2 area. The deepest parts of the basin filled with water and created three lakes, representing approximately one third of the volume (more than 46 million m3) and also one-third of the surface of the sinkholes (2. 1 km2). The Lake, which is fed by streams, are named after the areas which are needed to remove the ojezerjevanju (Škalsko, Družmirsko), or around the city, which is due to become a coal objezersko (Velenje). Source: www. velenje. si 

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