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Slovenia's Idrija will hold the 17th World Lace Congress in 2016, following Caen, France which will host the Congress in 2012 and Adelaide, Australia where it will be held in 2014. Maribor is getting ready for the eleventh Old Vine Festival, which will take place in Maribor between the 16th and 25th September. The Festival is prepared in the honour of the Old Vine, the oldest in the world.

Slovenia was ranked among the top 10 countries with highest potential for development of adventure tourism. Martin Strel, the ´Big River Man´ who swam the length of the Amazon, has launched a holiday company for those who want to paddle through Slovenian waters in his wake.

The Hotel Wellness Park Laško was awarded the EU Ecolabel. Thermana explained the reasons for deciding to obtain an environmental label: »Additional incentives came from the Slovenian Tourist Board which guided us to sustainable tourism as the one development concept that is the right way for Slovenian tourism and is also the only one which can be competitive in long term!

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