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After 100 days, Matevž Lenarčič has a successful landing at Brnik. As Lenarčič put it: “The world is beautiful, which is simply because of nature and the people who live here. There is enough space, food and water for all of us. With this flight, we have proven that the change in mentality in the direction of SMALL-LIGHT-GREEN is both possible and necessary."

In the end of April, Ljubljana hosted the second meeting of tourist agents and travel organisers with tourist service providers of the destination 'New Europe'. The objective of the 'New Europe Travel Mart' was to increase the tourist flows in the region of New Europe that has won recognition as a new promising destination.

Next year, Slovenia with Bled will host one of the largest British tourist events, the Travel Network Group conference. According to Colin Heal, the president of the Travel Network Group, numerous countries wanted to host the event; however, “we were especially enchanted by Bled's beauty, and the kindness of the people”.

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