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In the first days of 2012, Matevž Lenarčič - a biologist, photographer and nature protectionist - has started his second flight around the world. A special feature of this journey is the aircraft that will be used. Weighing merely 290 kilos, Virus SW914 ultra light plane uses a minimum amount of fuel. It was constructed by the Slovenian manufacturer, Pipistrel, a recurrent winner of the NASA award for top energy-efficient planes. From Slovenia, across Africa to North and South America and the Antarctic and over to Australia and Asia, over Mount Everest and India and back home again ...

Lenarčič`s journey also has additional meaning within the message that will be transferred all over the world – summarised in the slogan "Think small - think light - think green".

In 2012, the second largest city of Slovenia, Maribor, proudly bears the title of European Capital of Culture. Together with its partner towns – Ptuj, Slovenj Gradec, Murska Sobota, Velenje and Novo mesto – Maribor hosts a unique cultural programme that covers a great variety of art forms. Maribor will solemnly open the European Capital of Culture on 14 January.

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