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Festival summer in Slovenia is still in full swing!
Velenje – in anticipation of the 2012 European Capital of Culture – will come to life with one of the most beautiful children’s festivals in Europe, the Pippi Longstocking Festival. Astrid Lindgren, the author of the story about the young main character the festival is named after, has described this Festival as one of the most beautiful embodiments of her work. Slovenian Istria will bask in sweet-coloured tones, with Sweet Istria (Dolce Istria) Festival. Join us in the festival journey through Slovenia.

In the midst of summer, the Slovenian capital is not only being characterised by the rich festival activities but is also embracing an opening of new hotels – the trendy Cubo Hotel is new in the heart of Ljubljana city centre. The Slovenian Istria experience is now made richer with new and innovative accommodation in the Houses of Slovenian Istria. The houses bring to life authentic Istrian architecture and stories.

In the summer months, Slovenia’s most recognised tourist icon Bled was featured on the cover of two worldwide renowned magazines − Food and Travel Magazine and National Geographic Traveller.

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