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7 March 2014

Slovenia stole the show in Sochi as the big winner of the Winter Olympic Games. Sochi was renamed Slochi, which became the official hashtag of the Slovenian Olympic squad on Twitter. "What happened was a Slovenian fairytale," numerous reporters are saying about Slovenia’s phenomenal success and its 8 medals.
The ski season in Slovenia reached its euphoric peak in February when the whole of Slovenia hardly managed to slalom between the fun on the home snow and the Olympic Games.

Guess who was the star of the Venice Carnival this year? The Princess of Piran! At the traditional Flight of the Angel the Venetians placed the Princess on the main stage as their guest of honour! She presented the Angel with a bag of Piran salt. Feel the Slovenian story of salt that has been journeying around the world!

Meet the First Wine Lady in Slovenia who is nearly half a millennium old and resides in the Old Vine House. Feel the story of Slovenian vine in Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city and the wine capital with the oldest vine in the world.
Ancient Romans loved good wine too. Follow the path of the treasures of the old Roman road in Slovenia. This year Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, celebrates a venerable 2000 years of its Roman predecessor Emona.

April is going to be sweet.
The 3rd Festival of Chocolate in the heart of the Gorenjska region, in Radovljica, is a real feast for the local and foreign lovers of sweet indulgence.

The British Guardian and the American Huffington Post also sang the praises of Slovenian natural wonders and the country’s hospitality.

Feel the sweetness of Slovenian places and people in the March Newsletter.

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