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19 June 2013
A special monthly EuroBasket 2013 Magazine has been prepared by the organisation team for all basketball lovers who eagerly await the beginning of EuroBasket 2013. Read the stories about past and present EuroBaskets, Slovenia and much more and follow the countdown to the Championship.

It is true that this year in Slovenia it is so much about the EuroBasket, but there are numerous other highlights to be presented. Slovenian EDEN destinations have prepared a rich programme of events for the summer months. In May and June, Bohinj becomes the host of the International Wild Flower Festival – this year for the seventh consecutive year. Several new features are being introduced this year, especially in the area of international integration. From May/June 2013, Wild Flower Festivals in five different countries in Europe can be visited.

A new culinary product, called Open Kitchen started in May, bringing flavours from all over Slovenia into one place in the centre of the Slovenian capital – each Friday until October. Visit it and taste the whole of Slovenia! Another new product was started, featuring the Slovenian peculiarity, hayracks. A unique outdoor museum of hayracks is opening in June in the Dolenjska region.

Read more in the Monthly press news June 2013.

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