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11 April 2014
I always have one foot in town and the other in the countryside. I love both. This is SLOVEnia! Green all around and in me.
Feel the beloved spring in Slovenia! I bloom in April, which is why I present you with two Press Visits. Nature or tradition? What do you love more?
Let me invite you to a tulip exhibition in the Slovenian botanical paradise. As many will come to bloom as there are Slovenians – two million! The UNESCO town of Idrija will host the 33rd international festival of Idrija lace. Will you be my guest? A Japanese princess was so taken with Idrija lace that she composed a poem about it.
In spring everyone recommends a visit to Slovenia. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need a cleansing of the body and soul in the springtime. Our waters are Slovenialicious – thermal springs, clear rivers, mountain streams, waterfalls, clean fresh water everywhere! If you love yourself, come and allow us to pamper you in Slovenian spas and health resorts. Even Apollo recommended Slovenian water to the mythological horse Pegasus.
If you long for a sweet and relaxing experience, I recommend Apiroutes and Api well-being. Modern apitourism originates from Slovenia! Slovenian bees are protected at the European level. If they could talk, they’d say that it’s important how we travel and not just where we’re headed. Listen to their buzzing, which has been proven to have a relaxing effect, in a traditional Slovenian bee house. Try sparkling mead and a honey massage.
And don’t forget, in Slovenia, where food makes almost zero kilometres from the field to the plate, you can take in the Alps and the Adriatic Sea all at once. With just one glance… Enjoy the April news!
With love from Slovenia – Miss Lovely

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