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Zidanice, a Slovenian recipe for a wine vacation

Do you want to be awakened by the birds’ singing straight from the vineyard or by the aroma of grapes touching your nose already in your sleep with the window open? Slovenian wine tourism has been attracting visitors for vacations in zidanice for the last five years. Once, farmers had to walk several hours to their vineyards. This is why they built zidanice, or simple houses in the middle of vineyards where they stored wine and tools and which, at the same time, offered them occasional sleepovers. Innovative providers from the Dolenjska region offer vacations in these lonely houses in the middle of vineyards.

Experience a chill-out atmosphere amidst the green hills and grapevines in a house with a bedroom, a kitchen and a balcony overlooking the vineyards, the surrounding hills and valleys. The friendly locals prepare a special welcome every time. A vacation package includes, irrespective of the duration, a key to the wine cellar which allows you to try the excellent wines yourselves. The owners know all the local secrets and will gladly help you to plan a vacation. There are local inns nearby with delicious traditional dishes to satisfy the taste buds of true gourmets.

Zidanice scattered along the Dolenjska region and Bela krajina are an excellent starting point to explore the fascinating surroundings and the neighbouring countries. This is the home of Cviček – a type of wine found in the cellars of zidanice and a subject of great pride for the people of the Dolenjska region. With the exception of Italian Chianti wine, this is the only European wine which is a mixture of white and red types of wine with an alcohol content smaller than 10% per litre of this noble drink. You can learn about the story of Cviček at the Matjaž estate with a 150-year-old tradition where the guests are still welcomed and served by the staff in traditional garments.

You can select your zidanica on a web portal where you can get all the additional information. Be a part of the story of the rural revival and the integration of winegrowers who are desperately waiting to meet you. With the summer approaching, the friendly winegrowers will offer you a special 10% discount if you reserve a zidanica before the 31st May.



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