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With a month to go before EuroBasket, Ljubljana is ready!

The euphoria before EuroBasket, the largest sporting event ever to be held in Slovenia`s history, is intensifying and the countdown is in full swing – and not only in Slovenia, Ljubljana and other host towns, but throughout the whole European basketball scene. As well as being the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana also has a special role to play in this event because all the games will take place in Ljubljana throughout the Championship – the first round of the championship, the second round and the final from 4 to 22 September. A lot will be going on in Ljubljana!

Ljubljana Tourism has also placed great emphasis on this championship and put it at the center of their communication and marketing activities, which have been carried out since last November; through the EuroBasket 2013 project, the whole of Ljubljana has become connected – with the aim being to prepare the city in such a way that every visitor to Ljubljana will feel that they are at the best European basketball championship ever.

An organising committee is run within the municipality, which has been working for the whole year and is making sure that Ljubljana will be renovated and charming, with a good traffic system, safe, clean, great customer service and caterers ready.

Programmes for discovering Ljubljana and the region
More than half a year ago, Ljubljana Tourism prepared special tourist programmes for the visitors to the championships – rowing on the Ljubljanica river, helicopter tours over central Slovenia, visits to Geoss Adventure Park, trekking through the Iška Gorge, hiking with mountaineers in traditional clothing around the picturesque Velika planina, a visit to the Krvavec Summer Park – through which it addressed tour operators and agencies. The city and its surrounding area may be visited on a double-decker bus called "Veseli Janez" along with regular sightseeing tours of Ljubljana.

The center of Ljubljana will become an urban cheerleading zone
Throughout the championships, the urban cheerleading zone will be located in the city centre but the official zones will be at the venues, i.e. Stožice and Tivoli Sports Hall. Visitors to Kongresni trg will watch the game every day on the big screen, there will be held a rich programme of events of interest to visitors to the city and championships. Among other things, there will be the acrobatic Dunking Devils, the Kazina Dance Company, the Ana Monro Theatre, the Pustotnik Accordion Orchestra, and visitors will be repeatedly surprised by a special performance called "Video mapping" with a projection on the Philharmonic building. The programme at Ljubljana`s Kongresni trg will create a very special atmosphere and will not only keep basketball fans without tickets for the match interested, but also all other residents and visitors to the city.

Mobile information point at Kongresni trg and the House of Sport on Breg
A mobile information point will be built at Kongresni trg (an info point in the Veseli Janez bus), where the fans and other visitors to the city cheerleading zone can get all the tourist and general information required and, of course, catering facilities will be taken care of in seven catering huts.

At Breg 2, just before EuroBasket, the House of Sports, which is the centre for information for all sports events in Ljubljana, will open its doors. The House of Sport will link sports, tourism, the economy, health, transport, culture and art, and the story of Ljubljana`s sport will encourage visitors to respect the ideals of tolerance, solidarity and fair play.

Tourist offer of the city will be further enriched from a culinary perspective
A range of interesting events are to be found by the Ljubljanica river and Breg, where a culinary offer will be presented on 40 stalls, with the opportunity available to taste and purchase protected Slovenian products, local food and typical Slovenian wines. This will serve as an upgrade of sorts to the Ljubljana Wine Route, which will be held from 14 September until the end of the championships. During the holidays, the tourist attractions at the championship will be even further enriched. At Kongresni trg and Breg, the embassies of those countries taking part in the championship will also be present, and they will provide offers typical for their countries.

News about the basketball championships can be found on the official EuroBasket 2013 website and in the interactive EuroBasket 2013 magazine. To get more detailed information about the happenigns in Ljubljana, follow Ljubljana Tourism`s link.



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