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The wine experience in repnice

In Eastern Slovenia near the Croatian border lies the fertile Bizeljsko region famous for its excellent wines, friendly locals and vivid nature. A string of villages along the wine-growing hills will make you constantly take pictures in your mind. The Bizeljsko region also keeps a secret which is increasingly revealing itself. Under the seemingly normal surface you can find repnice, or special artificially dug sand caves which have been used for the storage of agricultural products for many years. Do you wonder in what way this is connected with wine?

Repnice were named after turnips which the farmers used to store in these arched caves. The diligent people of Bizeljsko have in such a way taken advantage of the soft surface of flint sand stranded by the Pannonian Sea. You can still find seashells in the sand. Repnice are built with almost no construction material except for the door which must be properly sealed and defy different weather conditions.

Their natural conditions which include low temperatures and high humidity are almost ideal for the storage of wine. These caves once served as a hiding place during wars. Now, the people of Bizeljsko, who will invite you into their repnica and into their hearts at the same time, will gladly make a toast with you. Repnice offer an excellent tasting room and a place to socialise in a pleasant underground environment. You can have one of the best experiences at the estate of Janez Šekoranja whose Vina Graben was the first tourist repnica which revived these former storage rooms. A repnica has three levels, the lowest of which is 12.5 metres underground. There you can taste exquisite predicate wines, winning awards all over the world.



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