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The Soča Valley – stories written by the emerald Soča River

If you are a lover of views of mighty Alpine peaks and if water gives you energy, then it is worth visiting the Soča Valley. The Soča River is considered to be one of the cleanest Alpine rivers in Europe and is always enthralling with its unique emerald colour, while the entire valley is intertwined with numerous remains from various historical periods, mostly from the period of the First World War and its Soča front. Feel the past and find adventure along and above the river.

The Soča Valley, with its natural splendours, has long been a favourite among seekers of active experiences in Europe. The valley of staggering waterfalls and playful cascades, pools and ravines offers unforgettable, expert-guided kayaking and rafting tours, canyoning down mysterious tributaries, and other thrilling water adventures. The valley is also known as a destination for aerial sports. You can select a water-connected experience in Bovec, Kobarid or Tolmin according to your own measures.

Our hints to explore the Soča Valley (the region is also called The Emerald Route):

- Your towns of interest in the upper Soča valley are: Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin.
- There are many tended pathways along lakes and rivers, as well as tended access to waterfalls and gorges. A visit to any site can be combined with a walking, trekking or cycling tour.
- The Soča Valley is part of the Alpe Adria Trail – you can head from the Veliki klek along the Soča Valley all the way to the sea. See where the path runs and what experience it offers.
- The area of the upper valley of the Soča River was part of the Isonzo Front during the First World War in Slovenia, and is considered to have been one of the toughest battles of the First World War due to its mountainous terrain. Feel the past on the Walks of Peace with a guide who will make you feel like you are being escorted by a World War I soldier. Enjoy the stories of World War I and you will begin to hear the thunder of battle and open your heart to peace.
- Visit Kobarid, with one of the leading European museums, which features unique war stories of soldiers and civilians.
- The valley’s true flavour lies in its cuisine! Sheep and cows grazing on pastures above the valley give milk for genuine Bovec and Tolmin cheeses. Native Soča River fish, including the Soča trout draw fishermen to the river and pleasure-seekers to local restaurants. The local čompe is unlike any potatoes you have ever had. Bovec krafi and Kobarid štruklji will ensure that your experiences in the Soča Valley leave you with sweet memories.
- Kobarid and its surroundings are considered to have the highest density of top-level restaurants in Slovenia. You should head to the Kobarid gastronomic circle, which will lead you from a starter to dessert in five top-level restaurants. More information about this unique culinary trip is available here.

TOP TIP: The hiking festival in the Soča Valley (Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin); at the end of September and during the beginning of October, the most beautiful months for hiking, the Soča Valley annually organises a hiking festival (this year from September 21 to October 6). It incorporates organised hikes that are suitable for families and more demanding lovers of the mountains. You can also expect discounts for accommodation.

Where to stay?

- The Soča Valley offers numerous smaller, but friendly accommodation facilities: tourist farms, apartments, private rooms, camps and smaller hotels. The offer for Bovec is available here and for Kobarid and Tolmin here.
- The special village of apartments Nebesa above Kobarid and hotel Sanje ob Soči in Bovec are especially exciting, while the lovers of good cuisine will appreciate Hotel Val in Kobarid and Hiša Franko in the surroundings of Kobarid.
- Many hotels, hostels and tourist farms in the area provide dedicated services for cyclists and hikers. Check out the specialised hiking and cycling hotels that are available in the area.

The Soča Valley received the European Destination of Excellence title in 2008. See the promotional film about the Soča Valley stories (STORIES OF THE SOČA ALONG THE PATH OF PEACE).

The Soča Valley has shown the emerald Soča River, stories of the Soča front and other diverse experiences of discovery and active vacationing in the new, attractive promotional film The Soča Valley – The Walk of Peace’. Moreover, we also recommend the new promotional film for the destinations Kobarid and Tolmin, available here.

INFORMATION: More information about the entire destination along the Soča River and assistance for programmes can be obtained from the regional tourist organisation LTO Sotočje and LTO Bovec.



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