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The New York Times published an article on Slovenia

In August, the renowned American newspaper, The New York Times, published an extensive article on Slovenia. In the article titled “Slovene Rhapsody” the reporter, Seth Sherwood, describes his impressions of his journey through Slovenia, from the coast, via Ljubljana to Maribor.

You can read the whole article entitled Slovene Rhapsody published on the 5th of August 2011 describing tourist attractions through the author`s eyes and his adventures here. The author`s impressions can be summarised with his own words: »The bicultural mash-up was starting to make my head spin. In what strange land had I arrived? The Italo-Slavic hybrid on the coast of Slovenia is just one of many surprises in this tiny nation of around two million people. In June, I traveled the length of the country by bus and train — through cities, along shorelines, up mountains — and found more surprises: fairy-tale castles, top-notch designers, wines made by monks, wild wedding parties, giant escargot performing Shakespeare, a fruit-bearing plant that appears in the Guinness World Records (ditto), and human fish (best left for the end). And then there is the folkloric city of Maribor, built by the Austrian Hapsburgs and named as a Capital of European Culture for 2012. Perhaps the biggest surprise is simply the existence of Slovenia, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an independent nation this year.«

As the author wrote at the end of his article, Slovenia’s final surprise was niched in the rugged karst region, beneath the village of Postojna – his impressions of the underground world of the Postojna Cave, a conjunction of 20 kilometers of underground passages, galleries and chambers, which in almost 200 years has been visited by over 33 million people accompanied by experienced cave guides, was rounded up by an overal impression of the entire Slovenia: »Our group boarded the train and shot back through the darkness, contemplating what we had witnessed: little known, ruggedly beautiful and populated with unexpected characters. For a moment, this curious underground world seemed the perfect metaphor for Slovenia itself.«



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