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Slovenian The Taste of Regions wins best in Eastern Europe

At the recent fair of gastronomic and culinary literature "Festival du livre culinaire" in Paris, the Slovenian cookbook The Taste of Regions received the award for best cookbook in the Eastern Europe category. Books from Hungary, Lithuania, Holland and the USA also competed in the category of East European cuisine.

The book, published by Studio Moderna, was prepared by the recognized Slovenian ethnologist Dr. Janez Bogataj in cooperation with the well-known Croatian chef and writer of cookbooks Stevo Karapandža. The book includes selected regional dishes from South-eastern Europe and the Balkans.

At this year`s fair of gastronomic and culinary literature "Festival du livre culinaire" that took place in Paris between 22 and 24 February, 3,500 books from all over the world competed for awards in various categories. The list of award-winning books can be found here. Besides the Slovenian edition, the book is also available in Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croatian. The list of awarded books can be viewed here.

The diversity of Slovenia at the crossroads of the Alps, Mediterranean, Karst and Pannonian Plain is also reflected in the diversity and richness of the Slovenian gastronomic heritage. Numerous traditional dishes, drinks and eating habits formed many modern regional varieties that are now represented by 24 Slovenian gastronomic regions.

Since gastronomy is one of the most important and attractive ways to get to know a country, Slovenia has been developing the trademark `Taste Slovenia` for a couple of years; through this trademark, Slovenia develops and promotes modern Slovenian gastronomy that is not presented in a traditional manner, but follows the modern trends of cuisine.

The author of the award-winning book The Taste of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Bogataj, also published the book Taste Slovenia a couple of years ago, which includes a selection and description of 176 typical dishes from 24 Slovenian gastronomic regions, including a detailed presentation of eight dishes from the top of the Slovenian gastronomic pyramid and their recipes. More about the book is available here, while here you can also take a look at the promotional tourism brochure `Taste Slovenia`.



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