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Perpetuum Jazzile - "Slovenia, whence thy beauties"

Slovenia`s leading and world renowned vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile recently presented its jazz adaptation of one of the most popular songs in Slovenia – Avsenik`s eternal hit "Slovenia, whence thy beauty?" To accompany the track they released a video showcasing Slovenia`s beauty, with the wish that this country could be closer to its many fans around the world.

"As far as the eye can see, there is dreamy beauty, where is a more beautiful world to be found, is there a place more wondrous than home? From the mountains I gaze into the distance, over the hills, the valleys, the mountain peaks, in the distance, I see the blue sea. Is there a place more wondrous than home?" is the first stanza of the poem "Slovenia, whence thy beauty?" which was written by Marjan Stare and performed by the Avsenik Brothers Ensemble and has become a timeless anthem for Slovenia. Through the Perpetum Jazzile group, it is now available in an attractive and contemporary jazz arrangement through which, together with the video, the song and the jewels of Slovenia are carried forward to the whole world.

The video with the song can be viewed by clicking this link.

The Perpetuum Jazzile vocal group formed in 1983 and went by the name of Gaudeamus, and today has more than 50 members who hail from all over Slovenia, performing practically the world over. The group performs jazz and popular music exclusively with vocals, but sometimes accompanied by piano and other instruments. The group performs in a number of different styles, but its repertoire ranges from Brazilian bossa nova, swing, a close harmony style to jazz, and is more indirectly related to funk, gospel and pop. An interesting mix of vocal jazz harmonies and rhythms is offered up to listeners, along with excellent soloists with a relaxed and youthful zeal.

Available on YouTube, Perpetuum Jazzile is the most viewed vocal ensemble in the world and can boast more than 33 million views. Their most popular song is Africa by Toto, which has over 14 million views. You can listen to it by clicking this link.



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