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Outfits of Slovenian Olympic athletes marked by Triglav

"Citius, Altius, Fortius!" (Faster, Higher, Stronger!) is the motto of the Olympic Games, and Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the most successful countries in terms of Olympic medals per capita. In Sochi as many as 66 Slovenian athletes are performing under the Slovenian flag and competing for top results. And doing it in style! The best athletes are representing Slovenia in specially designed clothes of green, healthy and active Slovenia. The green-blue-white combination reveals the dynamic form of Triglav, the highest mountain in the country and the national symbol.

Formal clothes, casual clothing and the mostly green national Olympics set were designed by Sandi Murovec, who says that athletes wearing the Olympic outfits will be recognisable and trendy. He believes that the new colour scheme has become the strongest visual element of the Slovenian team. His approach has proven to be very successful, and in less than a year practically all Slovene athletes have started to wear these colours.

"This is why we’ve applied the same colours to the Sochi 2014 Olympic collection and introduced some new graphic elements. The element that stands out most significantly is the symbol of Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain" said Murovec about his collection and the cooperation with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia. The youthful design and high-quality materials will contribute to the comfort of the Slovenian Olympic squad, while the vibrant and bold colour combinations and patterns will add to the promotion of Slovenia during the Winter Olympics.

The Olympic Committee of Slovenia continues to sell the official Olympic fan clothing. Fans will therefore be able to buy caps, headbands, scarves and gloves identical to those worn by Slovenian athletes in Sochi.

At the Sochi Olympic Games, members of the Slovenian Olympic squad are competing in eight sports. For the first time in the history of the Winter Olympics, Slovenia has representatives in a team sport, i.e. in ice hockey. Apart from that, the best Slovenian athletes are also competing in skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, snowboarding, Nordic combined, freestyle skiing and cross-country skiing.

At the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the Slovenian flag was carried by Tomaž Razingar, the captain of the hockey team, which is the largest Slovenian team to attend the games. It includes 25 athletes, among them the famous Anže Kopitar. The two second largest teams are the ski jumping and snowboarding teams, followed by the alpine skiing team, where the eyes of the world are fixed on Tina Maze, the queen of the white slopes.

This year the Slovenian Olympic team is headed by Petra Majdič, the best Slovenian cross-country skier of all time. It is her first time in this role, but with her over twenty years of experience in competition she sets an excellent example for the Slovenian Olympic athletes. During her career, Petra Majdič attended three Olympic Games. In Vancouver she put in a heroic performance and surprised everyone when she won the bronze medal in the classic sprint despite a serious injury.



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