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Ljubljana has its own menu – Viseat Ljubljana

Ljubljana now has its own menu, called VISEAT LJUBLJANA. It can be tasted at Strelec restaurant in the Ljubljana castle, in the embrace of the Archer’s Tower. This restaurant has earned exclusively great reviews and praise since its opening. The menu was created with the objective that the visitors of Ljubljana would get an authentic and top-level menu with the signature of Slovenia and Ljubljana in the perfect ambiance in the most visited tourist location in Ljubljana.

The menu was created in cooperation with Ljubljana Tourism, the recognized Slovenian ethnologist Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj and the Strelec restaurant team. The VISEAT LJUBLJANA is also a wordplay; namely, `When you VISIT Ljubljana, EAT Ljubljana style`.

We would like to remind you that at last year`s St. Martin`s Day celebration, Ljubljana, like several other prestigious European capitals, got its own dessert: a cake that carries the name Ljubljana and should become the trademark of Ljubljana. Since Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and represents the centre of all happenings, the Ljubljana cake integrates ingredients from various regions of Slovenia: pumpkins, chestnut, honey, buckwheat and figs. Following the invention of the cake, the creators also made a recipe for macaroons, called Kiss from Ljubljana, which captures the taste of the cake in cookie form. Now, Ljubljana also has its own Ljubljana menu, which will only increase its recognition further in the culinary area.

For the taste buds… Let`s become familiar with the new Ljubljana menu (it is a four-course meal including a greeting from the kitchen)…

Greeting from the kitchen
Trnovo – the cradle of Ljubljana salads
A mush of green salad, roasted pine nuts, lettuce, toasted bread, young cheese
For Sunday and holidays beef soup
Beef soup with seasonal vegetables, noodles
Something rolled and holiday-like
Roasted salted cheese dumplings with porcini
Typical urban Sunday main dish
Slowly cooked beef cheekbones with roasted potatoes, chervil and house onion marmalade
Something from waters near the Ljubljana market
Roasted trout fillet with river crabs and spinach with fennel
Let`s go to Ljubljana for something sweet
Caramelised apple, baked in strudel dough, caramel ice cream with caramel sauce, crumbled puff buckwheat pastry

The Strelec restaurant will also offer a glass of selected wine from one of the three Slovenian wine-growing regions to match each dish.



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