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In August 2013 a tenth more arrivals by foreign tourists

Compared to August 2012, 5% more tourist arrivals and 2% more tourist overnight stays were registered in Slovenia in tourist accommodations in August 2013. In the same comparison, arrivals by domestic tourists and their overnight stays decreased by 3% and 5%, respectively; whereas the number of foreign tourist arrivals and overnight stays increased by 9% and 6%, respectively.

Hotels and camping sites, together, registered three quarters of all tourist overnight stays
In August 2013, most of the tourist overnight stays were recorded in hotels (48% of all overnight stays), followed by camping sites (25%), apartment settlements (6%) and private accommodations – rented rooms and dwellings (6%).

The number of overnight stays in private accommodations, tourist farms and youth hostels continued to grow in August
Compared to August 2012, in August 2013 the number of tourist overnight stays increased in hotels (by 3%), private accommodations – rented rooms and dwellings (by 6%), tourist farms with accommodation (by 18%) and youth hostels (by 38%). In the same comparison, apartment settlements recorded 3% fewer overnight stays and camping sites 1% fewer overnight stays.

Two thirds of all tourist overnight stays by foreign tourists were mostly Italian, German, Dutch and Austrian tourists
In August 2013 in Slovenia, foreign tourists made up 68% of tourist overnight stays. Key European markets from which the most overnight stays of foreign tourists in Slovenia were recorded were Italy (19% of all foreign overnight stays), Germany (14%), the Netherlands and Austria (8% each), Belgium (5%) and the Russian Federation (4%).

Increase in tourist overnight stays from the majority of most important tourism markets

As regards the important tourism markets for Slovenia, in August 2013, tourists from Belgium created 20% more overnight stays than in August 2012, from the Russian Federation 8% more, from Austria 6% more, from the United Kingdom 7% more, from France 4% more and from Germany 3% more. In the same comparison, tourists from Italy had 1% fewer overnight stays and tourists from the Netherlands about the same number as a year ago.

More overnight stays by tourists from China, Canada and the United States, fewer by Japanese tourists
Among distant, overseas markets, such as the United States, Canada, Japan and China, increases in overnight stays by tourists from China (by 52%), Canada (by 44%) and the United States (by 7%) was recorded. On the other hand, the number of overnight stays by Japanese tourists declined by 9%.

In health (spa) resorts and seaside resorts fewer tourist overnight stays, in mountain resorts more
In August 2013, the number of tourist overnight stays was the highest in mountain resorts (31% or 5% more than in August 2012), followed by health (spa) resorts of Ljubljana, which recorded an 8% share of all tourist overnight stays, the number of tourist overnight stays continues to grow (an 11% increase over August 2012).

From January to August 2013 more tourist arrivals and about the same number of overnight stays

From January to August 2013, 2% more tourist arrivals were registered in tourist accommodations than in the same period of the previous year. In the same comparison, the number of tourist overnight stays stayed about the same.

From January to August 2013 domestic tourists created 3% fewer tourist arrivals and had 4% fewer overnight stays than in the same period of the previous year. The number of foreign tourist arrivals increased by 4% and the number of their overnight stays by 3%.

Data is sourced from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia. The data for August 2013 is provisional. Detailed data for July 2013 is available here. An overview of statistics by month (for each month of 2013 as well as for previous years) can be viewed here.



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