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How social media users see Slovenia

The analysis of opinions about Slovenia and its tourism offer conducted by SPIRIT Slovenia – Slovenian Tourist Board in 2012 shows that 85% of the opinions published on the web were positive. We analysed a total of 5,547,332 opinions (66% appeared on blogs, 29% in forums, 3% on Twitter and 2% on Facebook). Slovenia is most commonly linked to unspoilt nature, rich with natural resources, and seen as a remarkably undiscovered country.

Through online communication and the analysis of publicly available information/opinions carried out using the Attentics tool, SPIRIT Slovenia – Slovenian Tourist Board has found the following most frequent definitions/opinions about Slovenia as a tourist destination:

- Beautiful, unspoilt landscape.
- Ljubljana is small, but nice and interesting.
- Bled is simply beautiful.
- Great opportunities for outdoor recreation (hiking, running).
- Slovenia has beautiful karst caves and a natural environment.
- Many natural spas.
- Beautiful mountains (Triglav National Park).
- Many historical attractions.
- Our visits to Portorož have become a tradition.
- Piran is a picturesque little town, worth visiting.
- Homemade wines and home-style cuisine, natural and tasty.

Web users primarily link Slovenia with nature, meaning that nature and natural attractions are one of the principal motivational factors for international tourists; nature is also the key aspect that makes tourists recommend Slovenia to their acquaintances and friends.

The most frequently named places included Bled, Ljubljana, Portorož and Piran, the most often expressed emotions were charming, pearl, the best, romance and cool.

The general emotional perception of Slovenian tourism products and destinations through the web environment is decidedly positive.

Source: Analysis of keywords connected with Slovenia and its tourism products; 2013. Attentics d.o.o.



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