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Cherry Press Visit: the traditional Cherry Festival in Brda

People in Brda are already counting down the days until the Cherry Festival that will take place between 6 and 8 June. Stop in Dobrovo in the idyllic Brda hills and enjoy in the sweet and merry atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors to the culinary south-west of Slovenia every year. All interested tourism media that would like to cover the story about Cherry Festival are invited to come to the site of the event. For journalists planning to report about the festival, Brda Tourism has prepared accommodation for two nights (between 6 and 8 June 2014). For further information about the Cherry Press visit please contact .

In spring, numerous open-air events "blossom" in Slovenia. In the beginning of June, it will be especially merry in the centre of the wine-growing region of Brda in Dobrovo, named after dob (an oak-tree) that used to be the most common tree in Brda. The locals are already looking forward to the Cherry Queen Pageant that attracts more than 30,000 domestic and foreign visitors each year. This year`s festival promises to offer a particularly varied and rich side programme. Participate in the 19th Cherry Cycling Marathon (31 May 2014) that runs along a 108-kilometre route from Ljubljana to Dobrovo; hike from a cherry tree to a cherry tree (1 June 2014) where you will be led through the villages, vineyards and orchards by the connoisseurs of the Brda landscape; taste excellent wines from Brda during the Open Door days in wine cellars (between 31 May and 1 June 2014); attend a traditional Brda wedding (7 June 2014) and dance to the rhythm of rock`n`roll and witness the traditional parade of country carts (8 June 2014).

Brda is a true fruit garden from paradise. Let yourself become enchanted by the hilly landscape! Did you know that cherries are the first spring fruit and that along with olive trees and vines they are the trademark of the idyllic Brda hills? The cherries from Brda were supposedly already cherished in imperial Vienna, Saint Petersburg and Prague. In the Goriška region, more than three million tons of cherries were produced each year already before World War I. Thus, it is understandable that a special festival for the red-cheeked queen from Brda has been held for a number of years. Welcome to Brda, the region with the best Slovenian wine and delicious fruits!

In the end of April, an international hiking trail Alpe Adria Trail that connects Austria, Slovenia and Italy with a total of 43 stages was opened in Brda. An approximate six-hour long hiking trail, ranked among the ten most beautiful hiking trails in the world by National Geographic magazine, leads from the foothills of the highest peak in Austria (Glossglockner) through the most beautiful areas with hills and lakes in Austrian Carinthia and without any major turns it comes to the crossroads of three countries (Austria, Slovenia and Italy) to the triple border and then goes on until the Adriatic coast to Trieste. The length of individual stages is approximately 20 kilometres and the journey is accompanied by a rich artistic, cultural and culinary programme.



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