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Around Slovenia by metal pony

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Where to on your metal pony?

Given the diversity of its geography and the amazing wealth of its cultural heritage, Slovenia simply cannot be experienced in a short time and on a single visit. We suggest you get to know the length and breadth of it by bicycle. You can try out 14 different cycling destinations. Both in its very centre and at its extremities, Slovenia offers an unforgettable experience for all your “cycling” senses.

There are countless ways and attractive opportunities for getting to know this country, and the varied landscape ensures that each one of you, from beginner to recreational enthusiast and right up to the hardcore biker, will find something to suit you. For now we recommend that you start by cycling to Koroška. Koroška (Slovenian Carinthia) is more than a cycling destination. More than 1,000 kilometres of tours, the first mountain biking park, underground cycling, the first cycling eco-hotel with the ranking of 5 wheels and much more.

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