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Actively in the embrace of beneficial thermal springs

With the arrival of spring, nature awakes, along with our body and hopes for actively spending our leisure time. We like to go outside, be in nature, be active, breathe with full lungs and collect new energy. For everyone who likes to be active, but also needs some total relaxation and indulgence, active holidays in the embrace of beneficial thermal springs are the right choice. 15 Slovenian nature spas have prepared attractive packages for active vacations that will help you spend your spring and summer in an active and relaxing way.

Natural health resorts can be found on the Adriatic coast, as elsewhere in Slovenia - near the wine slopes in the east or south of the country, on the Pannonian Plain, sheltered by the hilly Pohorje or near the old towns. Each one of them will surprise you with its individuality!

You will have a colourful selection of health, relaxation, recreation and past-time programs throughout spring and summer in all fifteen Slovenian natural spas. They all combine centuries of tradition, experience of thermal baths and modern findings of experts dedicated to healthy minds and bodies, but at the same time they are part of the cream of Slovenian tourist destinations, offering exceptional opportunities for sporting activities, fun, culinary pleasures and quality accommodation.

Relaxation feels best after recreation and exploration of natural and cultural splendours, which are close by every Slovenian spa.

There is a huge variety of sport and recreation activities. Amazing water experiences in indoor and outdoor swimming pools that spread over more than 43,000 m2 of water surfaces await. Tennis, golf, miniature golf and bowling fans will finally come to their own. Morning gymnastics is organized for those who would like to additionally shape their bodies. In areas where health resorts are joined by rivers and lakes, boating, hunting and fishing are possible. In some places, sporting activities are complemented with horseback riding.

In the spring and autumn, you will be drawn to colourful hiking and biking paths − Slovenian natural health resorts are constantly gaining popularity as starting points for trekking excursions in neighbouring surroundings. Guests have special favourable conditions and discounts for all sport activities, while many spa hotels also offer hiking and cycling possibilities.

The right side of the newsletter contains some ideas for an active spring or summer vacation; moreover, in order to make your decision easier, we have classified Slovenian nature spas by region, whereby each region offers different possibilities for an active vacation – by clicking on the name of a spa, you will be provided with its entire offer. Which one might be your favourite?

- Do you like walks and other activities in the beneficial Mediterranean climate and sun? Are you for a spa with a view of the sea? You should become familiar with the offer of Terme & Wellness LifeClass Portorož and Talaso Strunjan.

- If you like the freshness of Pohorje forests, you should check out the offer of Zreče Thermal Spa, located at the foot of Zreče Pohorje, which is home to the Rogla Climatic Health, Skiing and Sports Centre.

- Would you like to experience a spa in the midst of a diverse landscape in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia? You should become familiar with the offer of Radenci Health Resort, Terme 3000 and Lendava Thermal Spa – each one offers its own unique springs.

- In the embrace of the oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj, you will find Ptuj Thermal Spa, offering not only its incredible stories from the past, but also inviting you for a round of golf nearby.

- An excellent starting point to discover the nearby surroundings and other parts of Slovenia is Thermana Laško, building its offer not only on health, but also on environmentally friendly behaviour (holds the EU Eco Label).

- In the midst of the attractive countryside of the Obsotelje area at the heart of Kozjansko, in Southeast Slovenia along the Croatian border you will find Olimia Thermal Spa, which is especially known for its tight integration with the local environment.

- Amongst wine-growing hills and the unique Cviček wine of the Dolenjska region in southeast Slovenia lies Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa, while around 30 km to the North you will enter the world of vineyards, meadows and forests of Šmarješke Toplice.

- If you would like to experience the largest thermal pool complex in Slovenia and the country`s second largest tourist centre, including several recreational opportunities in the surroundings, Čatež Thermal Spa is the right choice.

- If you want to experience a spa town with a more than 100-year old tradition of health and well being, as well as being a great starting point for discovering the surroundings, you should check the offer of Rogaška Health Resort and Dobrna Thermal Spa.

- In the midst of a picturesque subalpine mountain range, containing views of the peaks of the Karavanke, you can experience the tranquil and relaxing Topolšica Thermal Spa.

All 15 Slovenian natural spas are united in the Slovenian Spas Community. Visit their official website; this might help you decide on your tailor-made spa holiday.

Check the special holiday offers of Slovenian natural health resorts and choose your thermal holiday for the forthcoming spring or summer months.



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