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A new product at a Bled campsite is greeted enthusiastically

Camping Bled, which is part of the Sava Hotels Bled group, has introduced a new feature – two wooden `tents` which represent the start of the development of a new product at the campsite The project has already been chosen as a finalist of the Creator competition organised by the Bank of Tourism Potentials of Slovenia.

The wooden `tents` or camping huts, set up at Camping Bled in July, are designed on the principle of the temporary hut once used by charcoal burners in Slovenia, which in its original form was roofed with tree bark and known as a kožarica. This is the start of a new project called `Eco-Villages` which in the future will see several more similar `tents` set up and a separate toilet/shower block built. Guests staying in one of the tents will also be able to hire a private bathroom in a communal block. Sava Hotels Bled has applied for funds from the European LEADER programme for this project. The project is also one of the finalists of the Creator competition through which the Slovenian tourist board stimulates creativity, inventiveness and innovation in tourism as part of the Bank of Tourism Potentials of Slovenia project.

The wooden tents, which have been dubbed `Forest Villas`, are built exclusively from natural materials. They are made of unprocessed larch wood and covered with larch shingles. Inside there are two beds. One of the tents also has an outdoor hot tub made of larch wood with a wood-burning stove to heat the water. Fruit-bearing bushes have been planted around the tents to encourage the presence of birds in the campsite at the same time afford guests more privacy.

The construction of these tents in the campsite will extend the camping season into the autumn. Heating has been installed in one of the toilet/shower blocks this year and both the new wooden tents are heated and insulated. The tents have met with a very positive response from guests: they have been occupied without a break since they were opened at the beginning of August and are already fully booked up to the middle of October.



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