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Škocjan Caves in the "Eighth Wonder of the World" selection

The online travel portal VirtualTourist announced the opening of the competition for the Eighth Wonder of the World. The list includes 327 cultural and natural sites around the world, including Slovenia`s Škocjan Caves, which boast the largest underground canyon in Europe and has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1986.

The importance of the caves in the context of the natural treasures of the world, as stated on the portal, has been confirmed by the international scientific community. Karst caves are the most important underground phenomenon in the Karst region and Slovenia, and are among the most important caves in the world.

The underground canyon in the Škocjan Caves made by the Reka River is the largest known underground canyon in the world. It consists of a complex system of cave passages, which are 6.2 km in length, and reach a depth of 223 metres at their lowest point. The special feature of the underground caves lies in the dimensions, which will not leave the visitor unmoved.

Slovenia is a karstic land, and its Kras region is, in fact, the name used for all such phenomena throughout the world, since the Kras region is where experts first analysed them. New caves are discovered by cavers every year, and there have been 8,000 discovered to date, with just over 20 which have been made suitable for visitors. The largest and most popular of these is Postojna Cave.

Voting is open until 30 September 2013, and each user may vote on the selected landmark no more than once every 24 hours.



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