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Zgornja Idrijca Natural Park


The Zgornja Idrijca Natural Park was inaugurated and adequately protected by the Municipality of Idrija in 1992. The park’s area extends across 4230 hectares, which is mostly covered by forests – for the most part rich in timber and well tended. This vast park extends over the basin of the upper course of the Idrijca river. The very complex geology and interesting structure of the territory hides numerous fossil finds. A large part of the park displays karst characteristics, and consequently, sinkholes, caves, and potholes are no exeption here. A luxurious and diverse floral world with the presence of Dinaric, Alpine, and sub-Mediterranean plant species prove to be particularly attractive.
Main attractions: Rake (river channel), Divje jezero (Wild Lake), picturesque valley of Strug, a summer bathing spot at Lajšt, depressions below the Tratnik, the Kramaršca gorge and Bedrova glen, Klavže (the water barriers) on the Belca and Idrijca river, Krekovše a well-known outpost and research station, a monument erected in the memory of the Partisan Hospital Pavla on Hudo Polje, the supposed remnants of the Roman “limes” in Mrzla Rupa and the unique natural point of interest is the virgin forest of Bukov Vrh, located in the large sinkhole between Hudo Polje and Smrekova draga (Spruce Glen).
The path from into heartland of Trnovski gozd takes us past Smrekova draga and Paradana, which are although situated beyond Idrija’s municipal borders. Smrekova draga ( Spruce Glen) belongs to the forest reserve Golaki. The distance of Paradana forest and botanic reserve from Idrija aamounts to some 32 kilometres, the Paradana cave system consists of three caves. The attractive karst underworld is hidden under a blanket of eternal snow and ice.


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GPS Northing (N) : 45,9825 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,0278 
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Administrator : Center za idrijsko dediščino | ++386 5 374 39 16 |
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