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Mlake - natural monument

Wetland Mlake is a natural monument that occupies an area of approximtely 100 hectars / 1 square kilometre. It lies between Vipava and Podnanos, beneath Nanos' slope.

A remarkable biotic diversity, which places the area in the European top, is the consequence of a special interweaving of geologic, climatic, pedologic, relief and hydrologic factors. Mlake represents the last oasis in the Vipava Valley, where there are still animal and plant species that were common before the melioration. Because of its diversity, Mlake is important for the preservation of dry s well as swamp communities. At the same time, it is a shelter for numerous endangered animal and plant species that only grow in intact areas such as Mlake.

For visiting it you can use old military trails, unmarked paths and muddy tracks. Despite the recent protection of the area, there are no warning boards and signposts yet. Even though, one should still respect provisions that apply to protected areas. One of them says that visiting such areas should not be nature disturbing. Animal hunting and plant picking are not allowed either.

TIC Vipava 
Glavni trg 1 
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GPS Northing (N) : 45,814 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,9657 
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Administrator : TIC Vipava | ++386 5 368 70 41 |
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