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Igla (The Needle)

Legend says that once an ajdovska girl lived in Savinja valley. She was so big, that she stood with one foot on Raduha, the other on Veža and washed laundry in Savinja. One day she sewed a shirt and in rough canvas her needle broke, so she threw it to the valley where the needle got stuck and stayed there until today.
This bank of gorge Savinja between Luče and Solčava is a short, but dynamic glen that cuts between the steep slopes of Raduha and Dleskovška plateau with meaningful name the Doors. It is situated beside the road, approximately 3 km above Luče where the terrain narrows into a short but wild dell and on the right side you can already from a distance see the remarkable stone obelisk with a very convenient name – the needle. About 40 m high eremite is detached from the wall with 2 m wide and several meters high slot. Through this narrow rift, that gives us from far away impression of an needle's eye, used to lead the only footpath between Luče and Solčava, up till 1894 when the road here was built. Close to the needle you can find a tavern with the same name that is run by the Mountaineering club Luče. The needle is proclaimed as natural monument. 

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