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Gračnica valley

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The wealthiness of the entire Gračnica flow and its affluents includes also a variegated flora and fauna, of which most species from the area are listed in the Red Data Books of endangered species.

The Gračnica gorge (especially Grohotje and Osešje parts) signify botanically important area for many rare here growing plant species. As many as 10 of them are considered glacial relics (Ice-Age remains), which managed to get sheltered on the cold wall edges of the court banks, f.i., the mountain cowslip (Primula auricula), Aster bellindiastrum, Draba aizoides, Saxifraga crustata, Rhamnus pumila, alpine butterwort (Pinguicula alpina), Paederota lutea, Kernerasaxatilis, Rhododendron hirsutum. Beside cold-favourising species, the Illyrian and Mediterranean one also thrive on this area, f.i., the most interesting are spurge laurel (Daphne blagajana) of the IIlyrian and Daphne laureola and Daphne alpina of the Mediterranean ones. The spurgel laurel and mountain cowslip are also protected by statute. The Gračnica valley �allows favourable conditions for other endangered species like the watercress (Nasturtium microphyllum) and Waldsteinia trifolia of three leaves. The watercress, however, can be� found also on two other places in Slovenia only.

Waste marshy biotops along the Gračnica river and its affluents give shelter to some
endangered animal species of non-vertebrates and vertebrates of which the most outstanding non-vertebrate�dragonfly (Odonata), and of vertebrates the amphibious (Amphibia) animals like frogs and several�reptile species like a grass-snake (Natrix natrix) and a�dice snake (Natrix tesselata) are to be mentioned. Among birds�a kingfisher (Alcedo Atthis) and white-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) have also�know to be�nesting along the Gračnica river, while a gray heron (Ardea cinerea), a hawk (Accipiter gentilis), a sparrowhawk (Acciipiter nisus), a buzzard (Buteo buteo) and a kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) come to the area searching for food. Damp and swamp meadows shelter and provide food to a snipe (Scolopax rusticola) and a marsh bird (Gallinago gallinago) during their autumn and spring migratory flights


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